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1,300 SNCF
self-service machines

Available in 460 locations throughout France, our self-service machines make it easy to buy, collect, exchange and cancel tickets in the blink of an eye. You can also use them to buy or renew passes and railcards.

Find an SNCF self-service machine near you

SNCF self-service
machines near you

Want to buy, collect or exchange or cancel a ticket—fast? Need to buy or renew a pass or railcard? Meet our self-service machines. These bright yellow kiosks are available in 460 locations throughout France—in stations, SNCF sales offices and even select shopping centres. We've installed a total of 1,300 of them, so you can buy, collect, exchange or cancel TGV, TER and Intercités tickets at your convenience.

Find an SNCF self-service machine near you

More about our self-service machines

Use these bright yellow machines to buy tickets—even at the last minute. They’re also a quick way to collect, exchange or cancel tickets you bought with a bank card via the Internet, by telephone, or in an authorized travel agency—simply insert the bank card you used to make your purchase. You can also use them to buy or renew passes and railcards. Our self-service machines are fast and intuitive—the perfect solution when your train is about to depart, or when you need to finalize a journey you initiated on the Internet or by telephone.

And if you’re travelling on business, you can use the self-service machines to buy, collect, exchange or cancel your same-day ticket, or buy or renew a business travel pass, all in the blink of an eye.

* Pro 2de and 1re tickets and e-tickets

the benefits

Our self-service machines are at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week*, so you can organize your journeys whenever it suits you—quickly and easily. Use them to:

  • buy a ticket or e-ticket for immediate departure or for another day, whether your train requires booking or not
  • collect travel documents and e-tickets purchased on the Internet, by phone or in an authorized travel agency
  • exchange or cancel a ticket or e-ticket. You can use our self-service machines to exchange tickets with reserved seats, whether you’re departing immediately or on another day. To use the machines, your new tickets must be for the same journey
  • buy or renew an SNCF railcard** or pass, including Forfait passes, monthly or weekly employee passes, and coupons for your Fréquence pass
  • print out a confirmation, a journey summary or a travel receipt from an e-ticket

SNCF self-service machines are designed to serve a wide range of customers. They’re accessible in French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch, and they're equipped with next-generation technology for people with limited mobility.

*Provided their host locations are open