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Business travel

Are you an in-house travel manager or freelance professional? We’ve got business travel solutions designed just for you. With our Contrat Pro programme or a Grand Compte corporate contract, your company gets an offer that meets your needs and cuts travel costs, and your employees enjoy a wide range of services and benefits exclusively for business travellers.

Join the SNCF Contrat Pro programme (in French)

Become a Grand Compte client

SNCF Contrat Pro

Are you a freelance professional or a travel manager for a small or medium-sized company? With our new Contrat Pro programme, you can streamline your travel management and get the most for your budget.

Our Contrat Pro programme lets you:

  • save on employee travel
  • easily track your purchases with your Mon Compte Pro online account
  • offer your employees the services and benefits of our Pro fares

Joining the SNCF Contrat Pro programme is easy—it's free and takes only a few minutes. Once you have your SNCF Business User ID, you can buy the passes and tickets your employees need and track your purchases in detail.

Learn more about Contrat Pro
Join the SNCF Contrat Pro programme (in French)

SNCF Grand Compte
corporate contract

If your company spends more than €80,000 a year on rail** AJOUT, OK? travel, a customized Grand Compte contract with SNCF can deliver a wealth of benefits. As a Grand Compte client, you can:

  • get maximum value from your corporate travel budget
  • track your spending
  • get your own Mon Compte Pro online service portal** OU BIEN ONLINE ACCOUNT?

Your benefits increase** AJOUT, OK? with the number of journeys your employees take in France, and we can help you make the most of your travel budget with favourable terms, personalized attention from a dedicated account representative and a special relationship with SNCF.

And when your company is a Grand Compte client, your employees enjoy all of the benefits associated with our Pro fares (Pro Flexi, Pro Mobile, Pro Express and Pro Contact, as well as our Pro Première services), making their business travel even more flexible and pleasant.

Learn more about our Contrat Grand Compte programme

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Tel: +33 2 40 08 13 84

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