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Finding your way
in the station

Use the signage and other time-savers in our stations to collect your tickets, board your train—and keep your cool.

display boards

You’ve reached the station and your train will be departing soon. Relax—the display boards in your station have all the information you need to find your coach with ease. Simply:

  • check the display boards for the platform that matches the train number on your ticket
  • follow the signs to your departure platform
  • punch your ticket in the yellow machines at the entrance to the platform—or go straight to your train if you have an e-ticket or m-ticket
  • check the train diagram at the platform entrance to find your coach; the number is on your ticket.

Do you have a temporary or permanent disability? Our stations have special signage and other amenities to help you find your way.

Learn more about accessibility and special amenities in our stations


Like to buy your tickets on the Internet and simply collect them at the station? Need to buy tickets for a last-minute journey? Our self-service machines are made for you.

You can buy, exchange and collect tickets at any time with the self-service machines available in our stations, in some SNCF sales offices and at other points of sale. Choose from four types:

  • machines for SNCF mainline trains serving Europe and the French national network
  • TER machines for trains running within France’s regions
  • Pro Express machines for business travellers
  • Transilien machines for travel within the Paris region only

You can buy tickets:

  • for a future journey
  • for a last-minute journey (choose the “Départ immédiat” function
  • for several people or journeys, up to a limit of €1,500 per transaction

And if you buy your ticket less than an hour before your train departs, it's punched automatically.

Use the self-service machines to collect:

  • tickets you book and pay for on 
  • tickets you book by telephone at 36 35 within France (You pay €0.40/min including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider.)

You can also exchange tickets at self-service machines. Be sure to bring your record number, the tickets you want to exchange, and the credit card you used to buy them.

And you can use the self-service machines to renew your weekly or monthly Forfait pass, Fréquence coupons, and weekly or monthly commuter passes.

Our self-service machines are ergonomically designed for persons with limited mobility, and they are accessible in French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

* Tickets for iDTGV trains must be printed at home

Find a self-service machine near you


Book your ticket now

By telephone

From inside France, dial 3635 any day of the week between 07.00 and 22.00. You pay €0.40/min including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider.

From your mobile

Log on to

or download the Voyages SNCF mobile app

At the station or an SNCF sales office

Use your credit card to buy and collect tickets from a ticket window or self-service machine.

Find a station or sales office near you

At an authorized travel agency

Browse the list of travel agencies

Pro Express windows
& self-service machines

Pro Express windows
Save time in the station by using our Pro Express windows for last-minute transactions:

  • buy tickets
  • exchange tickets
  • cancel tickets

These windows are exclusively for passengers with Pro, Fréquence and group fare tickets and are open Monday through Friday from 06.00:

  • in Paris at the Nord, Lyon, Montparnasse and Est stations
  • in Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille Europe station, Lyon Part Dieu station, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Rennes and Strasbourg

*Closed on bank holidays and during the summer holidays. Opening and closing times vary from station to station

Pro Express self-service machines for business travellers
Around 100 Pro Express self-service machines are located in 35 stations throughout France. They’re at the end of the platform and near sales areas in the station—and their distinctive purple colour makes them easy to find.

With Pro Express self-service machines, you can:

  • exchange your Pro 2nde or Pro 1ère ticket or e-ticket for another train serving the same destination on the same day if your plans change
  • collect SNCF e-tickets issued by authorized travel agencies
  • go straight to your seat in the train—your new ticket is punched automatically

Junior & Cie
pick-up point

Dropping your child off for a journey with our Junior & Cie service? When you arrive at the departure station, go to the Junior & Cie pick-up point, shown on your information sheet and clearly marked with the Junior & Cie logo. Our trained monitors will be waiting: you'll recognize them by their distinctive green uniforms. They’ll look after your child throughout the entire rail journey.

Our Junior & Cie service is offered in over 120 stations during the school summer holidays and in 19 stations at weekends. The exact location of the pick-up point varies from station to station.

To give the monitors plenty of time for essential identity checks, you must be at the pick-up point one hour before departure during school holidays, and 30 minutes before departure at weekends. Once these formalities are complete, your child can look forward to a safe, fun journey with a group of other children.

Browse the list of stations with Junior & Cie service

All about Junior & Cie

Visit the website for information on your Junior & Cie pick-up point (in French). Choose your departure station and click on “Services en gare”

What our customers say

“I had no trouble finding the Junior & Cie pick-up point. The monitors took the children onto the platform, and parents were able to follow.”

“I saw the pick-up desk right away. Everything is clearly marked.”