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Group travel
for Associations
& communities

Want to travel with an association or community group of 10-300+ people? We’ve designed group travel services just for you. With SNCF, you can charter your own coach or train, enjoy a range of support services, and choose from dozens of destinations in France and across Europe.

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Our offer
for associations
& communities

Planning a major event for your members, constituents or guests? We deliver fast, comfortable transport that’s just right for your occasion.

Learn more about our group travel services for a range of destinations in France and across Europe. Depending on the size and needs of your group, you can charter your own coach--even an entire train.

Charter a coach
Travelling with a group of 10-300? With our offer for associations and communities, you can charter one or more coaches on a regularly scheduled train, then add services and other extras designed especially for your event.

Charter an entire train
Travelling with a group of over 300? Our Special Train offer is for you. If you’re travelling to attend a sporting or cultural event or to visit an amusement park, we recommend chartering an entire train specifically for your group.

When you depart from Paris or another French city, you can choose from several types of charter for many destinations:

  • a customized Special Train (TGV or Intercités)--and you can choose from available destinations and itineraries
  • a special high-speed TGV coupled to a regularly scheduled TGV. You get a great price, and you’ll know your timetable well in advance
  • two TGV specials joined together to accommodate an even larger group--up to 1,000 seats. You’ll pay less per seat, and you can choose from available destinations and itineraries.

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Support services

Whether you’ve chartered a single coach or a special train, we get your group from the starting point to your final destination, so you can focus on what matters most. Choose from a range of additional fee-based services to smooth your journey and give your group an outstanding travel experience.

A personal welcome at the station
We’ll get your journey off to a memorable start by greeting your group at the station with a red carpet and a private platform.

Door-to-door luggage service
This service ensures that luggage for your entire group is delivered to your final destination. We’ll take charge of your bags(1) at your pick-up point and deliver them all to a single address of your choice, anywhere in France, within 48 hours(2).

(1) Suitcases, duffels, soft-sided bags, and trunks with two handles are acceptable for this service. No item may exceed 30 kg or combined dimensions of 2.5 metres.
(2) Does not include Saturday, Sunday, bank holidays or days when competent authority does not allow rail traffic. These days are added to the delivery time.

Baggage handling service
When you arrive at the station, we pick up your bags at your motor coach or meeting point and transfer them to the right coach in your train. It’s an effortless way to keep your luggage with you, and it makes managing your group much easier.

This service is available in select stations and must be booked in advance.

Coach services
We can also arrange for your association or community group to be transported to and/or from your station by certified, top-quality motor coach operators.

On-board services

We offer a wide range of on-board services to make your journey unique:

  • customized interior décor: we can decorate the interior of your train with the signature colours of your association or community, using chair covers, decorations, removable stickers and treatments applied to glass surfaces
  • on-board or in-seat dining: SNCF offers an ample selection of delicious meals and snacks that your group can enjoy together. Convert our café-bar into a buffet during your journey and make the most of your private space.
  • on-board events: set the tone for your journey with announcements in your chartered coaches and music in the café-bar.

& quotes

When you’re ready to plan your journey or charter your own private coach or special train*, our advisers will be happy to help you design the best solutions for your project. Simply contact one of our seven regional sales departments:

  • Greater Paris
  • Centre-East-Rhône-Alpes
  • Centre-West
  • Eastern France
  • Mediterranean
  • Northern France-Normandy
  • Southwest France

* When you request a special train, we must conduct a feasibility study in advance and earmark trains, SNCF personnel and timeslots for your event. Special trains can only be chartered when the necessary resources are available.  These offers are subject to our General Conditions of Carriage, which are available from your SNCF sales department.

Information & booking

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At +33 8 10 87 94 79, Monday through Friday, 08.30-18.00

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Travel ideas

Climb aboard an SNCF Special Train to explore a wide range of destinations in France and Europe.

Know exactly where you want to go? We can help you plan your journey and provide support services for your group. Need inspiration? We’ve got plenty of ideas and can help you choose your destination and plan your trip. Or let us create an all-inclusive package that covers travel, accommodations and more--we’ll even help you organize amusement park tours and other activities.

Imagine taking your group to these great destinations:

  • Greater London: get a taste of life on Big Ben time. Climb to the top of the Tower of London, stroll through Kew Gardens and see the city from one of its fabled red buses. Or visit the Tate Modern and then spend a magical evening in a pub or club. Note that London is the perfect base for side trips to Windsor, Hampton Court or Leeds
  • Puy du Fou: travel to western France and leap back in time. Voted the world's best theme park in 2012, the Puy du Fou is bursting with historic pageantry, activities and adventure. Give your group an unforgettable experience as the unspoiled landscape transports you back through the centuries.