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On-board activities

There’s plenty to do on your SNCF train—activities for kids, dedicated areas for family travel, on-board dining and the latest news, both digital and print.

Espace Famille

Want to relax when you travel with your kids on Intercités trains? Espace Famille is for you. Located in the Services coach (coach no. 3 or 13 of your train) aboard daytime Intercités trains requiring reservations, this family-friendly area is available for all 2nd class journeys aboard these lines:

  • Bordeaux – Marseille – Nice
  • Paris – Clermont-Ferrand
  • Paris – Limoges –Toulouse – Cerbère

On board, you’ll have a roomy six-seat compartment, and nearby you’ll find a playroom with benches and game-themed carpeting, where your children can play safely throughout your journey. Next door to the playroom (near the toilets for passengers using wheelchairs) is a nursery area, complete with a changing table and an outlet for your bottle-heater, and there’s a dedicated storage area for your child’s pushchair.

Travelling on an Intercités overnight train? Children sleep tight, protected from falls by safety netting.

Book now

By telephone

From inside France, dial 3635. You pay €0.40/min including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider.

On the Internet

Log on to

Choose a train with the Espace Kid option.



Ready for coffee, a snack, or even a good square meal? Head for coach 4 or 14, where your TGV café-bar offers delicious menu options for every time of day. And if you’re travelling 1st class, you can have food and beverages served at your seat.

We’ve completely redesigned our on-board menus to tempt your taste buds. You’ll find a wide range of fresh foods, bought locally for optimum quality and value, plus selections from our new catering partners, Monop’daily, Boco and Paul.

Choose a traditional breakfast of croissants and pains au chocolat, or opt for a heartier meal of whole-grain bread, butter, jams and more. Add fruit juice or a hot beverage to start the day with a balanced meal.

For lunch and dinner, we offer an extensive menu of salads, sandwiches and hot dishes—quiches, croques-monsieur, pastas, gratins, soups and more—with your choice of beverage and dessert. End your meal with a delectable pastry, yogurt or fruit salad, or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Just want to nibble? We’ve got you covered, with sweet and savoury snacks for every taste. Enjoy a chocolate or granola bar, sweets, popcorn, slices of fruitcake, crisps, green olives, peanuts, and even plates of cheeses and charcuterie.

And if you’re travelling 1st class, you can have your food and beverages served at your seat.


Ready for a meal or some time with friends? Head for the iDTGV café-bar, where you can relax and socialize throughout your journey.

Our iDBISTRO service offers a wide range of beverages, hot dishes, salads, snacks and sandwiches made the same morning. Choose a classic sandwich like ham and butter—or try something new, like our Sandwich au Chef, made with creamy reblochon cheese, coppa ham and cranberries. You can also try sandwiches made with local specialities that vary by destination.

Our iDTGV baristas are ready to help you choose a balanced, authentic meal from our seasonal menus. Look for them in the café-bar coach, or in the lively iDZAP area of any iDTGV.


"Emmenez-moi à"
SNCF’s new collection
of city guides

Introducing Emmenez-moi à*, our new on-board magazine for TGV passengers. It replaces TGV Magazine, and it’s our gift to you when you travel first class.

A practical city guide with a special focus on culture, Emmenez-moi à is an on-board magazine unlike any other. Each month we’ll feature a different destination, taking you to cities throughout France and Europe and highlighting unexpected places to visit in each one—a private voyage of discovery just for you.

And with cartoonist Simon Roussin creating an exclusive illustration for each city, you’ll want to collect every issue. Happy travels!

*in French