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On-board café-bar
& dining

Need a snack to tide you over? Hungry enough for a full meal? Our TGV, iDTGV, Intercités, TGV Lyria, Eurostar and Thalys trains feature updated menus and a wide range of options—from pre-ordering and in-seat dining to our food and beverage cart.

Your TGV café-bar

The café-bar in your TGV train is designed just for you—a relaxed, friendly space that’s perfect for having coffee, chatting with friends or colleagues, enjoying a hot meal, or catching up on the latest news. We update our menus regularly to provide you with new taste sensations and fresh, seasonal foods.

Don't miss the delicious foods we’re serving on our TGVs this winter. Our new menu for Winter 2015/Spring 2016 features creamy chicken stew, cheese raviolini, rice pudding, tangerine bread, and old-fashioned chocolate mousse.

And we’re still serving Monop’daily products, Illy coffees and Michel et Augustin biscuits to brighten your journey.

The café-bar has an option for every budget, and you can save 15% on select menus when you present a current SNCF railcard—Enfant+, Jeune, Week-end or Senior+.

Finding the café-bar in your TGV is easy: just head for car 4 or 14.

Eat smart

Travelling on a budget? Choose from a range of affordably priced meals and treats in your TGV café-bar:

  • €8.50 – Try our Daily Malin menu, with your choice of carrot salad or ham & Swiss club sandwich, yogurt or chips and a 33-cl bottle of Vittel
  • €5.90 – With Goûter Kids, children can create their own snack from a choice of yogurt or apple sauce, Michel et Augustin chocolate biscuit or Haribo Croco sweets, and Tropicana orange juice or bottled water
  • €5.20 – Enjoy a sweet treat any time of the day, with your choice of hot beverage (except double espresso) and either M&Ms or Michel et Augustin shortbread mini-biscuits topped with chocolate. Or select from a range of à la carte treats —from pastries to chocolate bars to biscuits—starting at €1.90.

Browse our new TGV menu for Spring



Travelling on a TGV Pro 1re ticket? Enjoy a complimentary hot beverage in your TGV café-bar, your SNCF lounge, or in Paul and Relay locations in select stations.

Simply call up the receipt for your journey in your TGV Pro app and show the “complimentary coffee” banner on your screen.

Ready to sit back and relax on your journey from Paris to Lyon? If you’re travelling on a TGV Pro 1re ticket, you can pre-order a meal right from your TGV Pro app. Simply choose your breakfast, lunch or dinner up to 24 hours before your train departs, then go to the priority line in the café-bar of your train to pick up your order.

Learn more about pre-ordering meals (in French)

Food & beverage cart

In the mood for soda, still or sparkling water, coffee or tea? How about a cake, a biscuit or a sandwich? The choice is yours—and our food and beverage cart will bring it to your seat. This service is available aboard:

  • Eurostar
  • iDTGV (iDzap)
  • TGV Lyria
  • TGV France-Italie
  • all daytime Intercités trains requiring booking

Aboard overnight Intercités trains, you can order breakfast directly from your on-board staff*.

*Service available in 1st class only, aboard trains to and from Paris

In-seat dining

Travelling aboard an Intercités train? Once you’ve bought your ticket, you can order a boxed meal for delivery to your seat. Orders are accepted up to 72 hours before your train departs, and must be placed on line. Choose from six different menus:

  • classic breakfast for €5.40
  • gourmet breakfast for €7.90
  • duck sandwich menu from artisan baker Gontran Cherrier for €9.90
  • fresh market menu for €16.50
  • seafood menu for €16.50
  • fruit & veggie menu menu for €13.90

This service is available aboard daytime Intercités trains requiring booking as well as overnight Intercités departing from Paris.

Book your in-seat meal aboard Intercités


Travelling in Business Premier class? Enjoy a wide range of top-quality in-seat dining* options. Our Business Premier menus are developed by Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc, our Culinary Director, and all deliver a unique dining experience, with light, simple, delicious food.

* In-seat dining is not available on the short journey between Lille and Brussels.

Browse the in-seat dining options in Business Premier

Travelling with Thalys in Comfort 1 class? Your ticket includes an in-seat dining option, so you can enjoy a delicious, balanced meal without ever leaving your seat—perfect when you want a relaxing breakfast, lunch, dinner or light snack.

Menus vary depending on the time of day and your departure country, but all Thalys meals are healthy, sustainably produced, and designed around seasonal, regionally sourced ingredients. Organic and vegetarian options are also available.

Browse Thalys on-board menus

TGV Lyria and TGV France-Italie
Travelling 1st class with TGV Lyria or TGV France-Italie? Your TGV Lyria ticket includes our in-seat dining service, so you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner without ever leaving your seat.

Browse on-board dining options with TGV Lyria

Tea Time in Business Premier

Enjoy the British custom of Afternoon Tea, served between 14.00 and 17.30 in Business Premier. Indulge yourself with delicious cakes, scones with jam and clotted cream, and a cup of tea.