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at the station

Whether you arrive by car, motorcycle or bike, our stations have the right parking solution for you.

Drop-off points

Need to drop family or friends right in front of the station? Our drop-off points are located at main entrances, so your passengers have easy access to the departures board—and there’s no parking fee.

Car & motorcycle

Getting away for the weekend? If you’re a Voyageur programme member, you can save 50%(1) on the hourly rate for parking, and booking is free(2).This benefit is available from Friday morning to Monday evening.

Book a parking place with your Voyageur membership

(1) Subject to availability. Offer valid for any booking, including Saturday nights, in the following parking facilities: Aix-en-Provence TGV (except area P3 Forfaits Internet), Angoulême, Annecy, Avignon P1, P2/P3, P6, Belfort-Montbéliard, Béziers, Bordeaux Armagnac, Chambéry, Champagne Ardennes TGV P1, Clermont-Ferrand, Dax, Dijon, Douai, Grenoble Europole, Le Mans, Lille Flandres, Limoges Aristide Briand, Lorraine TGV, Lyon Part-Dieu Mixte, Mâcon-Loché, Marseille Saint-Charles, Massy TGV, Metz, Nantes Sud 1 station, Paris Austerlitz Verrière, Paris Bercy, Paris Est 1 Alsace, Paris Est 2 Saint-Martin, Paris Lyon Diderot, Paris Montparnasse Pasteur, Paris Saint-Lazare, Perpignan, Poitiers, Reims Clairmarais, Rennes, Rouen P1, Saint-Pierre des Corps, TGV Haute Picardie, Toulouse, Valence TGV P1, P2, P4, Vichy.
(2) Our Resaplace service normally includes a booking fee plus the cost of parking.


Bicycle parking

We offer a range of solutions for parking your bike—open and enclosed shelters, individual and shared lockers, racks and Vélostation bike sheds—so getting to the station is easy. Over half of our stations in France offer bicycle parking, for a total of more than 32,000 spaces. Choose from:

  • individual lockers where you can secure your bike with your own anti-theft device
  • shared lockers with dozens of spaces in a secure area that only registered users can open
  • our Vélostation bike sheds—enclosed spaces with dozens of spots for registered users that offer a range of complementary features, including guard service, repairs, and even the option of renting another bicycle

Learn more about your station's bicycle parking solutions

If you live in the Paris region and travel regularly on Transilien trains, try Véligo, the shared parking service for bicycles. Enclosed shelters are located near 14 stations in the Paris region, and you can access them 24/7 with your Navigo pass—all for an annual registration fee of €20.

Véligo shelters feature two levels of racks, video surveillance cameras and remote monitoring by security personnel.

Find stations with Véligo and read the terms and conditions for registering