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Passenger assistance

At SNCF, we care about every aspect of your journey—not just on board your train, but before and after you arrive at the station. We stay attuned to your needs, offering services that make it easier for you to board your train and get home again when your journey is over.

Book now

By phone

To book Accès Plus, call at least 48 hours before your journey. Inside France, dial 0 890 640 650 and press 1 (you pay €0.11/min including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider), or dial 36 35 and say “Accès Plus” (from a landline, you pay €0.40 including tax for the first minute, and €0.11 including tax for every additional minute, plus any fees charged by your service provider). From outside France, dial +33(0) 890 640 650.

By fax

At least 48 hours before your journey, dial 0 825 825 957 from inside France, or +33(0) 825 825 957 from outside France. You pay €0.15/min including tax.

By email

At least 48 hours before your journey, email your request to

On the Internet

At least 48 hours before your journey, go to and complete the booking form.

In an SNCF sales office or authorized travel agency

Visit at least 48 hours before your journey. Our employees and advisers are there to help you.
Find a station or sales office near you

Accès Plus

If you have a disability or limited mobility, a member of our Accès Plus team can meet you when you arrive at the station and escort you to your train.

Available in nearly 360 stations throughout France and in 51 stations in and around Paris, our Accès Plus programme is absolutely free. All you have to do is contact an adviser to plan your journey and book your service.

After that, relax.

  • on your day of departure, arrive at the station 30 minutes before your train is scheduled to leave. An SNCF staff member will escort you to your train, carry your luggage (up to 15 kilos) and get you settled on board.
  • during your journey, the conductor will ensure that your journey goes smoothly, and if you encounter any difficulties, our Accessibilité hotline can help. Inside France, call 0 890 640 650 and press 2 (you pay €0.11/min including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider). Or send an SMS to 0610 640 650 (no surcharge).
  • when you reach your destination, an SNCF employee will meet you and take you to your meeting point in the station. Or if you’re changing trains, he or she will escort you on board.

Learn about SNCF’s other special assistance programmes.

du Voyage

Created in 1993 and funded by SNCF and RATP, Les Compagnons du Voyage is a service association that provides travelling companions for children, the elderly and the disabled.

Each companion is a skilled professional with training in first aid and a variety of disabilities. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional traveller, Compagnons du Voyage is at your service seven days a week, throughout France and even abroad.

Learn more about Compagnons du Voyage

Book now

By phone

Inside France, dial 01 58 76 08 33.

By fax

Inside France, dial 01 58 76 09 13.

By email

Send your request to

By postal mail

Write to:
Les Compagnons du Voyage
34, rue Championnet
LAC CG25 75018 Paris

SNCF Assistance

If you encounter service disruptions or major delays, we'll give you even more support. Our volunteer staff are on hand to provide additional assistance when you need it.

  • In stations: staff members greet you and keep you informed. If problems continue, they provide simple boxed meals.
  • On board trains: the conductor arranges for on-board staff to assist you.

If your train arrives in Paris after the metro and RER lines have shut down for the night, you’ll be transported safely to your home under a special agreement between the city and Paris taxi companies.