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TGV Pro app
& mobile site

Looking for faster, more flexible rail options when you travel for business? You're in the right place. Our TGV Pro app and mobile site offer instant ticket exchanges, travel receipts and real-time information on your journey. It’s all on your smartphone—anytime, anywhere.

Download the TGV Pro app for Android

Download the TGV Pro app for iPhone

The TGV Pro app

Meeting ran over? Appointment moved to a new location at the last minute? For you, it’s all in a day’s work. Our TGV Pro app flexes with you, offering direct, convenient services* that meet your needs.

Use the app to:

  • exchange your Pro, Fréquence 25 or Fréquence (50%) 1re or 2de e-ticket for another ticket at the same fare, up to an hour after your train has left. Make the exchange right from your mobile and you’ll receive an email with updated information on your journey. And it’s free.
  • cancel Pro and Fréquence 25 or Fréquence (50%) e-tickets purchased in authorized travel agencies,
  • access all of the information for your journey, as well as your travel and loyalty programme documents. For example, you can register the SNCF loyalty card. Are you an m-ticket user? When the conductor asks for your ticket, you can show it to him directly from your TGV Pro app.

The TGV Pro app is designed for travellers with a TGV Pro 1re or Pro 2de e-ticket (purchased at a TGV Pro or Tarifs Négociés fare, or with a Fréquence 25 or (50%) pass), or a Pro e-ticket for an Intercités journey requiring reservations. The app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone.

* Does not include purchasing or booking tickets


Info & services
with the TGV Pro app

Our TGV Pro app gives you the travel information you need in real time, plus access to other convenient services:

  • instantly view all of the services included with your Pro or Fréquence e-ticket
  • get your platform number 20 minutes before departure, plus information on any delays or disruptions affecting your journey
  • access your loyalty card and all of your card-related information
  • if your train is delayed, find the reason for the delay plus information on your rights to compensation, starting at 14.00 on the day after your journey
  • see all of your travel receipts in your app, starting on the day after your journey

* A feature of our Garantie Ponctualité, one of the 6 pledges we make in our Garantie Voyage. Valid only for TGV and Intercités trains.

Learn more about the terms and benefits of SNCF’s Garantie Voyage

What our users say

“The app is perfect.” The real-time feature works very well, and it’s well integrated with the website…. Bravo.”

“The app is convenient, functional and efficient, with automatic alerts for the trains I’ve selected. Perfect with the e-ticket. Very professional.”

“Great app—very handy for exchanging tickets at the last minute.”

What our users say

"Very nice when you need to change trains at the last minute.”

mobile site

Our mobile site is very easy to use and includes only the core features of our TGV Pro app, so it’s compatible with all mobile devices. With, you can exchange your TGV Pro or Fréquence e-ticket for another ticket at the same fare—it’s super-easy and it’s free.

You can make exchanges from the mobile site up to an hour after your train has left, and you’ll receive an email with updated information on your journey.

Access the TGV Pro mobile site