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Rent a bicycle

Need to get to an appointment without getting stuck in traffic? In the mood for an active family outing? Or perhaps you just want to take your time exploring a scenic road. At SNCF, we’ve got you covered. As soon as you step off the train, you can choose from a range of bike rental options to meet your needs.

Our solutions

Interested in active, eco-friendly travel? Choose from two bicycle rental options:

  • If you're an experienced cyclist, simply go to one of our bike-sharing stations. They’re accessible 24/7.
  • Need some advice before you pedal away? Use Accueil Vélo, our network of rental agencies throughout France. In addition to rentals, our partner agencies offer information on nearby biking itineraries as well as additional equipment, such as repair kits and secure bicycle sheds.

Choose your region to learn more about rentals on offer near your station.