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CO2 information
made easy

Choosing energy-efficient mobility means finding eco-friendly transport that meets your needs. We’ve got the information you need to make the right choice.

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CO2 info on public transport

Since 1 October 2013, you've had access to information on the CO2 emissions for any journey when you buy your train ticket. Under France’s Grenelle environmental legislation, all transport operators—public transport providers, removal services, vehicle rental and taxi companies, local governments, travel agencies and more—are required to provide information on the CO2 footprint for their services.

Transport has the largest carbon footprint of any French industry, accounting for 27.3% of all CO2 emissions in France in 2010*. But rail emits only 1.4% of all transport-related CO2, even though it handles 11% of the nation’s passenger transport market.

At SNCF, we’re committed to promoting sustainable mobility. We provide CO2 information on all of our services so that you can choose the most eco-friendly transport solution.

* French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), 2011

Estimating the CO2 footprint for your journey

Guidelines published by the French Ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy (in French) :
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Download SNCF’s guide to CO2 information (in French)
The methodology used by SNCF complies with guidelines on CO2 information for transport services published by the French State.

CO2 information
for your journey

At SNCF, we’re committed to making your journey efficient and eco-friendly. And under France’s Grenelle environmental legislation, the transport sector must cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 20% below 2007 levels by 2020.

You can help us reach this goal by choosing the most environment-friendly transport solution. Today, “people automatically check [the environmental label] before they buy a refrigerator or a television,” says Patrick Coroller, head of Transport & Mobility at Ademe*. “CO2 information on transport services will be just as successful,” he adds. “It will become a major point of comparison for choosing the best solutions.” At SNCF, we agree — and it’s why we provide you with CO2 information on every train journey you take. (See calculator below.)

Want to know how we calculate the CO2 emissions for your train journey?

  • Here’s the formula: distance you travel x CO2 emitted per kilometre for one passenger aboard your type of train
  • If you need to take more than one type of train during your journey—for example, a high-speed TGV plus a TER regional train, the formula is: (distance you travel by TGV x CO2 emitted per kilometre for one passenger aboard a TGV) + (distance you travel by TER x CO2 emitted per kilometre for one passenger aboard a TER train)

* French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME)