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cookie policy

When you visit, cookies are downloaded to your computer, mobile phone or tablet. They make our site more effective and easier for you to use. Learn more about how cookies work and how you can use current options to adjust them.  

How cookies work

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files created when you visit a website. What do they do? At they save your details, identify you, and allow you to manage your travel online and receive special offers tailored to your personal profile. They help us to better understand you and your needs, and improve your user experience.

What kind of cookies does use?

When you visit, cookies are downloaded to your computer, mobile or tablet. They allow you to browse more easily, and they help us deliver optimized, customized services and content to you. does not collect user-specific information.


  • Essential cookies

These are required for access and browsing, allowing you to move smoothly and easily from one page to the next. If you disable them, may not operate properly.


OpenamIdentifies users when they log in to the site.


  • Performance cookies

These collect data: they help us understand how you use our site, and let us analyse, improve and customize for you. Performance cookies do not allow personal identification of the user.


Google AnalyticsCounts you as a unique visitor.
SNCF-DesktopTracks whether user has navigated between mobile version and website.
SmartbannerTracks whether user has closed the navigation banner to the desktop or mobile version.
Accept bannerTracks whether a user has closed the “accept cookies” banner.
PollTracks whether a visitor uses the POPin survey form opened on their first visit to the site.


  • Functional cookies

These save your choices and preferences so that we can offer customized browsing, with relevant content and a better user experience.


  • Third-party cookies

These are cookies recorded by other companies and hosted on the interface. At, such companies can be SNCF Group partners. They are used for marketing, displays, and targeted/customized advertising. does not control data collected by third parties, which act on their own account.


Google AnalyticsGives insights into site use, effectiveness and users so that functionality can be improved.
UsabillaCollects users’ opinions of our tools so that we can improve them.

How can I delete cookies?

How can I delete cookies?

You can opt to disable these cookies at any time, or to be informed each time  stores cookies on your computer. You can enable (accept) or disable (refuse) cookies on a case-by-case basis.

If your browser is programmed to disable cookies, you will be unable to access some functions of the website.

Learn how to disable cookies for your internet browser.  


Open Firefox and select “Preferences” from the pull-down menu. When the window opens, click on “Privacy”, then “Display cookies”. Select cookies from SNCF and delete them.


Open Safari and select “Preferences” from the pull-down menu. Go to the “Privacy” tab, then click on “Remove All” data from websites.

Google Chrome

In the Chrome pull-down menu, select “Parameters”. At the bottom of the page, click on “Display advance parameters”. Under “Privacy”, select “Content parameters” and then select your preferred option for “Cookies”.