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Travel for less

With SNCF, you can save on travel all year long. Learn more about our tools and special offers, from alerts and railcards to our Fare Finder and Great Deals page—and more.

Browse our Great Deals page

The right time to travel

Find the best time  to book

Want the best deal for a journey over 3 months away? Use our Fare Finder to get the lowest prices—and stay on budget. And if you enter your favourite journeys in our Alerte Résa service, we’ll alert you when prices are lowest.


Use our Fare Finder for journeys over 3 months away

Set up your alert

Find the best fares  over a 4-week period

Looking for the best fares to your destination around a specific date?

Our Fare Finder is the solution. Simply enter your preferred travel day, and it will find the most affordable times to travel during the 2-week periods before and after that date.


Try our Fare Finder now (in French)

Take advantage of  today’s special deals

With SNCF, you can get great deals on travel—even at the last minute.


Last-minute offers with Intercités

Don’t wait! With our Intercités 100% Éco offer, you can get weekend tickets on our Paris-Toulouse and Paris-Bordeaux lines from just €15.


Learn more about last-minute fares on Intercités


Today’s special deals

Ready to get away for a few days—or even just a weekend? With our special deals, you can travel as much as you like without breaking the bank.


Browse today's special deals


Last-minute offers with our Jeune card

Do you have a Jeune railcard? You can save even more with last-minute offers especially for you.


Take advantage of our last-minute Jeune railcard offers

Find the best time to book

Find the best dates for travel over 3 months away—at the right price for you.

Find the best fares over a 4-week period

Get the best fares for your destination over a 4-week period.

Take advantage of today’s special deals

Want to travel at the last minute—or whenever the spirit moves you?

The best destination for your budget

Know your  budget?

Travelling on a limited budget? With our great fares, you’re sure to find a destination that’s right for you.


Affordable travel

Sketch out a budget for your next journey

Find  a great fare

In the mood for the beach or the mountains? Need some green space? Whatever your destination, we can help you get there at the lowest fare.


Choose your destination

Get there with Ouigo—  from just €10

Ouigo takes you to Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Lyon, Marne-la-Vallée, Marseille, Montpellier, Nîmes, or Valence for a flat fare of just €10-€85. And tickets are still only €5 for children under 12 travelling with an adult. Book now!


Book your Ouigo ticket now

Know your budget?

Tell us your budget, and we’ll suggest the most affordable destinations.

Find a great fare

Tell us your destination, and we’ll help you find the lowest fare.

Get there with Ouigo— from just €10

Ouigo is your source for high-speed, low-fare travel.

Travel often

Travel for less with our  railcards and passes

Do you travel frequently for business or pleasure? Either way, we’ve got a railcard or pass for your age group and your needs. Choose the one that’s right for you, and save on travel all year long.

SNCF railcards generally pay for themselves in 3 return journeys: you’ll save 25%*—guaranteed—and you may save as much as 60%*.

Don’t forget to check out our passes. They’re specially designed to cut transport costs for frequent travellers. *Conditions apply.  


Buy your pass or railcard

Travel solo or  with a companion

Enjoy getting away for the weekend? With our Week-end railcard, you'll save up to 50%, whether you travel with a companion or on your own.

And don’t miss our special Saturday fares for TGV and Intercités—perfect for saving on a quick day trip.


Buy your Week-end railcard now
Saturday travel

Travel for less with our railcards and passes

Save up to 50% with SNCF railcards and passes.

Travel solo or with a companion

Save up to 50% with the Week-end railcard.

Travel with a group

Save on  group travel

Travelling with a group? When you buy three TGV or Intercités tickets, the fourth is free*. And the price is the same for all four tickets, so everyone saves.


*Conditions apply.


Book your journey with TGV

Book your journey with Intercités

Our Enfant+  railcard is for you

Travelling with a child under 12? Our Enfant+ railcard has the benefits you need:

  • save at least 25%*—guaranteed—and up to 50% for 4 accompanying adults


Buy your Enfant+ card now

Save on group travel

Travel with your tribe—and save! When you buy three tickets, the fourth is free*.

Our Enfant+ railcard is for you

Travel with children

Got questions?

We’re here  to help

Want to talk about your travel plans? Dial 3635 (from inside France) and an adviser will answer (in French) from 07.00-22.00, any day of the week*. From outside France, call +33 8 92 35 35 35.


*€0.40/min including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider

Book a  meeting

Need some help planning your journey? Want advice on choosing a railcard or taking advantage of our cost-saving services? Book an appointment in one of our sales offices now.


Book a sales office appointment now

Browse our list of  authorized travel agencies

Want to find the authorized travel agency nearest you?


Browse the list of authorized travel agencies

We’re here to help

Got a question? Need information? Our 3635 line is ready with answers.

Book a meeting

Need some advice? Meet with an adviser in a sales office at your convenience.

Browse our list of authorized travel agencies

Find authorized travel agencies near you.