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Identify key Purchasing personnel
and find their contact information at a glance.

Purchasing Division

SNCF’s Purchasing Division sets and manages our purchasing and quality policies. The Division also handles some purchasing centrally:

  • Services généraux à l'entreprise
  • Supplies & equipments
  • Intellectual services and Interim
  • Information systems & telecoms
  • Building works
  • Energy

Regional Purchasing Division

Our Regional Purchasing Division makes purchases through seven Inter-Regional Purchasing Units (in French: CAIs) :

  • Atlantic CAI located in Nantes/Bordeaux
  • IDF CAI located in Paris
  • North-Eastern-Normandie CAI located in Lille/Metz
  • Southeastern-Mediterranean CAI located in Lyon/Marseille

Purchases are divided into the following categories:

  • Major contracts
  • Building maintenance; New buildings.
  • Cleaning of stations and other facilities; Cleaning of rolling stock; Security services and cash in transit; Intellectual services; Transport; Other services; Supplies; Sale of outdated materials.




SNCF – Atlantic CAI

Florence Poirel
131, bd E. Dalby
44000 Nantes
E-mail :


David Gaborieau
Campus Campra
4 rue André Campra
93212 La Plaine St Denis
E-mail :

SNCF - North - Eastern - Normandie CAI

David Gaborieau
Campus Campra
4 rue André Campra
93212 La Plaine St Denis
E-mail :

SNCF – Southeastern - Mediterranean CAI

Nicolas Biolay
116, cours Lafayette
CS 13511 - 69489 Lyon cedex 03
E-mail :

Equipement Division

Our Equipment Division purchases:

  • New rolling stock, including locomotives, wagons and TGVs
  • Maintenance and upgrades of rolling stock 
  • Selected equipment


Equipment Purchasing unit

Jacques Perdriel
4 Rue André Campra
93210 Saint-Denis

Supplier Relations: Strategy and Management

Yann Mazloum
15 rue Traversière
75580 Paris Cedex 12

Purchasing: Operations

Nicolas Biolay
120 boulevard Vivier Merle
69502 Lyon Cedex 3

Purchasing: Projects

Jean-Michel Gauvrit
Elisabeth Varon
15 rue Traversière
75580 Paris Cedex 12

SNCF Industrial Logistics Centre

Tour Mercure
13 avenue Albert Premier
21000 Dijon

SNCF Industrial Storage Centre

ZAC d’Arvigny
8 impasse Denis Papin
77552 Moissy Cramayel

Management and Processes

Christian Rode
15 rue Traversière
75580 Paris Cedex 12

Local Purchasing

Dominique Chesneau
120 boulevard Vivier Merle
69502 Lyon Cedex 3

Railway Division

Railway Division consists in :

  • 4 Territorial Division (DTA)
  • 4 Shared services center (CSP)
  • 2 Divisions

7 sectors :

  • Aménagement des gares et Grandes Halles Voyageurs
  • Installation Fixe de Traction Electrique
  • Ouvrage d'art / ouvrage en terre / Génie civil
  • Intellectual services / Engineering Services 
  • Signalisation
  • Telecoms
  • Voie


Our Supplier Accounting Centre is your contact for all billing-related questions.


Supplier Accounting Centre/Centre de comptabilité Fournisseurs
Tel: 00 33 4 26 21 16 01
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 09.00-12.00
Send us an e-mail