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Eurostar to London: travel from city centre
to city centre on high-speed French, Belgian
and British lines.

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Eurostar by SNCF

Dying for French or Belgian food? Craving the sun on the French Riviera? Ready for a holiday in Paris, Lille or another favourite spot? You’re in the right place. With Eurostar, London is just 2h17 from Paris, 2h01 from Brussels and 1h21 from Lille.

Let our high-speed trains whisk you from central London to the heart of great cities in France and Belgium—Paris, Lille, Calais, Marseille, Lyon, Avignon and Brussels. All you need is a ticket and ID. Then sit back and enjoy service and comfort in Standard, Standard Premier or Business Premier class.

Eurostar by SNCF:

  • up to 18 daily trains linking London to Paris, Brussels, Lille and Disneyland Paris
  • connections to over 100 destinations throughout France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany
  • winter travel from London to the French Alps

New! Take Eurostar to Southern France any time of year
We now offer year-round direct service from London to Southern France, with five trains a week in summer and one to three trains the rest of the year.
From London, you can reach

  • Marseille in 7h50
  • Lyon in 5h47
  • Avignon in 7h14

On-board services

Simplified boarding

30 minutes is all it takes to check in and board a Eurostar train. Or just 10 minutes with a Business Premier ticket or Eurostar Carte Blanche. And your luggage never leaves your side: you can carry on two suitcases plus your hand luggage.

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Catering à la carte

The Eurostar café-bar offers tasty meals, snacks, and hot and cold drinks for all passengers, in both leisure and business class.
In Standard Premier class, you can have a light cold meal served at your seat, and in Business Premier class you can order from a menu of fine cuisine and enjoy it in the comfort of your seat.

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Discounts & special deals

Your Eurostar ticket does more than get you on board. It opens up a whole world of travel, with discounts at your favourite shops, ideas for outings and a host of special deals.

Choose your benefits

The choice is yours

Travelling with a group? Book a whole carriage and have it specially outfitted just for you. And if your mobility is limited, you can travel in your own wheelchair and bring a companion at a discounted fare.

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