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The Railteam

The Railteam alliance was founded by seven high-speed rail carriers committed to simplifying your European travel. Our aim: make your European travel even easier, faster, more comfortable and more eco-friendly—and guarantee quality service on every leg of your journey.

European lines

Whether your high-speed train is German, Austrian, Belgian, British, Dutch, Swiss or French, you’ll find the same comfort and the same high-quality service and support throughout your travels.

The Railteam alliance whisks you from city centre to city centre, serving nearly 400 destinations with:

  • TGV trains in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Belgium
  • ICE trains in Germany
  • Eurostar in England
  • Thalys in the Benelux
  • Lyria in Switzerland
  • Railjet in Austria
  • Fyra in the Netherlands and Belgium

View the entire Railteam network

More rewards

If you’re a member of SNCF’s Voyageur programme at the Voyageur, Grand Voyageur, Grand Voyageur Plus or Grand Voyageur Le Club level, you’re already earning points for your journeys in France. Now you can use them when you travel in Europe*, since each Railteam member will honour the points you've earned with the other members of the alliance.

And if you’re a Grand Voyageur Le Club cardholder, you can enjoy the 40 business lounges maintained by Railteam alliance members throughout Europe. To enter, simply present your loyalty card and your same-day international ticket.

Railteam lounges offer you:

  • a private space where you can work or relax in peace and quiet
  • complimentary newspapers and magazines
  • power outlets for your computer and other electronic devices
  • WiFi
  • and many more personalized services

Browse the list of available lounges and their hours of operation

* Conditions apply. See terms & conditions for the loyalty programmes of each Railteam alliance member.


Redeeming your points

Book the journey of your choice through your loyalty programme’s website or customer service department.

For TGV trains:

Log on to the Voyageur programme website

in real time

When you travel on the Railteam network, you get up-to-the-minute information on train timetables, network traffic, and any disruptions.

Alliance members provide you with real-time information on delays, cancellations and track changes through a variety of channels.

Log on to the Railteam website to plan your journey, check timetables and learn about available services.

On-board staff
Upon arrival, the on-board staff will advise you (in English or in the local language) of the timetable for your connecting train and the platform number, if the information is available.

Hop On The Next
Available Train

Missed your connection because your train was late? No problem. With Railteam’s Hop On The Next Available Train service*, you don’t need do a thing—just take the next train with your existing ticket.

Hop On The Next Available Train service* is currently available in these stations:

  • Brussels
  • Frankfurt
  • Cologne
  • Lille Europe
  • Lyon-Part-Dieu
  • Offenburg
  • Strasbourg
  • Stuttgart

This service will gradually expand to all stations where Railteam trains connect, and during 2014 it will go into effect between Paris Nord, Paris Est, Paris Lyon and Paris Montparnasse stations.

* Hop On The Next Available Train service is subject to space availability and does not guarantee you a seat.