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Choose TER for regional outings and day-to-day transport in your favourite region of France.

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TER is the perfect solution for your regional travel needs.

The numbers speak for themselves: nearly one million passengers take TER every day, including 350,000 pass holders—you might already be one of them. SNCF operates 7,500 TER trains every day, plus 2,000 regular coach lines in a total of 20 regions—making you more mobile and simplifying your connections to urban transport hubs and SNCF’s main lines.


  • we maintain relationships with 20 French regions and their Regional Councils to identify their specific needs. TER then meets these needs by setting up regional transport services with a commitment to quality, continuity of service, and accurate passenger information.
  • 5,000 TER stations and stops provide real-time traffic information, with passenger information screens installed at over 650 stops.

On-board services

Up-to-the-minute information

Need to know when the next train leaves or how your train is running? For real-time information on the entire TER network, download the TER Mobile app to your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, or install a TER widget on your computer. And to make life even easier, you can use our Agenda Pocket service to add TER trips to your calendar and then manage your itinerary directly from Outlook, Google or Yahoo.

Download the TER Mobile app (in French)

TER Flash Trafic for pass holders

If you’ve got a TER pass, TER Flash Trafic is for you. This free, personalized service keeps you informed of delays on your line by SMS or email. To receive TER Flash Trafic messages, simply open an account and choose your days, times, routes and mode of delivery (SMS or email), and we’ll keep you up to date. No more surprises.

Sign up for TER Flash Trafic (in French)

TER regional calendars

Travel TER to experience the rich regional life of your favourite part of France. Shows, events, things to do—visit the TER website for information on events in your region, plus many special offers that you can get only from TER.

See what’s happening in your region (in French)

Bicycle on board—with TER

It’s eco-friendly, convenient—and free. Bring your bike aboard your TER train, and explore the delights of your region.

Learn more about our Train+bicycle services (in French)

On-board information

TER trains feature on-board information systems that display information on upcoming stops and connecting trains.

Learn more about on-board information (in French)

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