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The door is open

Got questions about SNCF? We’re making our answers more complete than ever—and now you can see the facts and judge for yourself. Our new, ambitious transparency policy begins with one simple act: releasing our data to the public. SNCF reports, key figures, internal documents and government correspondence are just a few clicks away.

Our transparency

Want to know more about SNCF? Now you can browse our on-time performance data, fares and employment statistics. We publish detailed reports and internal data, plus research and data visualization tools to guide you through them. At SNCF, we’re committed to releasing our corporate data to as many people as possible—and as a state-owned company, we’ve got a stronger stake in France’s culture and national identity than just about anyone else. Which makes transparency a natural choice for us.

In the interest of safety and privacy, we’ll continue to protect personal data and any information that could compromise safety or market competition. The rest is all yours.

Open Data

On-time performance data

We offer access to on-time performance data for our TGV, TER, Transilien and Intercités trains, publishing figures every month in an annotated, interactive format.

Access on-time performance data

Operating data

Every day, we carry 10 million passengers. To meet this challenge, we generate and analyse a huge quantity of data—timetables, station-based equipment and services, on-time performance, lines and connections, accessibility, and more. By opening up our data for all to use, we’re stepping up the pace of innovation—for mobility that’s more seamless, more personalized and better informed than ever.

Access our Open Data site

Government correspondence

As part of our public service mission, we communicate regularly with elected officials in the French Parliament and in regions, cities and towns around the country. By making their correspondence with SNCF management available on line, we’re contributing to transparency in government.

Browse all authorized correspondence in chronological order

Internal reports

Employment at SNCF

Every year, we issue a report on employment at SNCF, publishing key figures and indicators for jobs, pay, working conditions and training.


2012 Edition2013 Edition2014 Edition


Keeping passengers safe is the heart of our business. As a rail operator and acting infrastructure manager, we’re responsible for the safety of both trains and track. We publish reports documenting incidents, accidents and safety-related findings, as well as the steps we’re taking to improve network safety.

Access safety data now

Financial data

SNCF is a world leader in passenger mobility, transport and freight logistics, with a presence in 120 countries, sales of €33.8 billion and a total workforce of 250,00 at year-end 2013. You’ll find a full set of financial data in our annual reports (available in English and French).

Access annual reports in PDF

CSR policies, ethics & public affairs

At SNCF, we’re making the world a better place, using change to build a rail system that lasts longer and is more useful for everyone. You can learn more about what we’re doing—from better mobility and environmental protection to community outreach and socially responsible hiring—whenever you like. Simply consult our CSR report on line.

We’ve also adopted a set of ethical principles to make every employee an effective, responsible stakeholder with respect for SNCF and for other people. Our ethics guide covers legal requirements, competition, diversity, confidentiality, good business practices, respect for others, and more.

Access our CSR report
Access the SNCF ethics guide
Access our public affairs charter

Credit ratings

Interested in our credit rating and business outlook? Access and download reports from the top three ratings agencies—Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch.

Access our credit ratings (reports available in English)

The SNCF archives

Want to know more about SNCF? Now you can browse the archives of our entire Group on line. The documents we’ve published are part of our institutional memory, and we've released them to promote better understanding of French rail, from past to future. The law requires us to open our archives to the general public, but we’ve gone further, digitizing them and making them available on line—one more sign of our commitment to sharing our heritage.

Access SNCF’s on-line archives


You'll find all the latest news about us in our Newsroom—including press conferences, press releases, statements from SNCF’s CEO and top executives, financial information and employment data. A live feed provides real-time information in a variety of formats.

Access the SNCF newsroom


The SNCF Ombudsman

Our ombudsman gives passengers an impartial opinion on their claims. There’s no charge, and it’s a simple way to settle disputes between us and our customers.

Visit the website of the SNCF Ombudsman

Let’s talk

Maybe you’ve browsed all of the Transparency pages on our website and still have questions. Or maybe you’d just like to talk to us. Tell us your question, and we’ll find the right contact to answer it for you.

Access our FAQ website (in French)